Friday, March 20, 2009

Lazer Ray's Vegan Ramen Stir Fry

Anyone who has been paying attention at any point over the last two years understands that Lazer Ray is my boy, plain and simple.  I take care of him (float him Avatar cards) and he takes care of me (insists on making me dinner).  Yesterday we celebrated Avatar Day (no, not like in Avatar: The Last Airbender Season Two: Episode Six "Avatar Day") and over the course of a day such a celebration can take a lot out of a guy.  Naturally, I tried to convince Lazer that we should just eat whatever I have on hand, typically more than enough, but he felt the need to repay me for whatever (he always makes this shit up) and insisted that we run to the grocery store so he could score the necessary jams for some stir fry... why even try to dissuade him?

The ingredients and process weren't too out of the ordinary for stir fry.  Lazer loves to include standard ramen noodles but all of the accompanying seasoning packets contain milk so we ran with some veggie broth I had on had to boil the noodles while we fried everything else in a skillet.  He usually rolls a szechuan stir-fry sauce that we couldn't find so we tried out some new cut that was deceptively tangy but it worked as will any sort of stir-fry sauce.  We tossed half a head of sliced cabbage ("My cabbages!" -Unfortunate Bystander) and some frozen broccoli into my steamer to soften them up some before throwing them in the skillet with some freshly chopped mushrooms, minced garlic, olive oil and soy sauce.  Lazer was reaching for some chili powder but I've yet to add that to my spice arsenal so we made do with what we had on hand.  After letting the veggies and spices fry on their lonesome for a bit we added the ramen noodles and a bit of the veggie broth they were cooking in and that was essentially all there was to it.

For making things up as we went along it turned out seriously ill.  If we ever get down to it again I'm gonna lobby harder for water chestnuts and I'll make sure to stock up on chili powder and the aforementioned szechuan stir-fry sauce!

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  1. As you are well aware, I have a huge wok pan. Also, I love stir fry. What I'm getting at here is let's make stir fry soon plz. THIS SUMMER IS GOING TO BE AWESOME. Also, GRILLING!