Monday, March 23, 2009

Vegan Tofu Scramble!

Yet another recipe that I dug up while on the computer at work (3x Employee of the Month!), it caught my eye in the wake of a series of hilarious events.  My first few trips to Hard Times Cafe, the premiere local vegan hangout, were a touch of culture shock on a few levels.  The most pronounced was that of the food.  At the time that I was introduced to Hard Times I wasn't even vegetarian yet so seitan was a mystery and I couldn't figure out why everything had circled V's next to them on the menu.  My favorite thing to order was the biscuit breakfast, which came with an egg any way you like it and was also available as a vegan option. Pure curiosity led me to order it vegan every time and, as per Hard Times guidelines, I had to write my own order ticket up that would be given directly to the cook after I had paid the barista.  The ticket would usually read something like "VEGAN BISCUIT BREAKFAST, EGG OVER EASY".  I figured that would convey that anything that can be vegan should be but I don't mind the egg... yet each and every single time I did this as soon as I would sit down with my friends and the barista would pass off the ticket to the cook I would hear someone from the kitchen screaming "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?"  Seriously, without fail, the cook would always lose his cool and then I would have to put the fire out by explaining what I meant.  The only exception was the last time such a misunderstanding happened.  The cook just assumed I meant tofu instead of an egg and he scrambled some up along with the rest of my order.  To my surprise, it actually tasted quite good.  From then on I specified tofu eggs on my order tickets and the staff has been forced to find new things to get pissed off about.

In light of discovering that tofu actually makes a pretty legit egg-substitute, I found a pretty simple recipe for vegan tofu scramble that I decided to make into vegan breakfast burritos!  Click Here For Vegan Tofu Scramble Recipe  The first time I attempted this recipe my silly ass picked up active dry yeast instead of nutritional yeast... oops?  I outright skipped it the second time around when my roommate Danger Faint and I made them the morning after a mild rager.  We essentially did everything by the book, steamed a few tortillas when the scramble was done, rolled a couple of burritos and tricked them out with Cholula, green Tabasco and some green chili salsa.  

All in all this was a pretty straight forward recipe and it turned out great.  Super easy, ridiculously quick and (one of my favorites) highly customizable!  Faint suggested we get some bell peppers in the mix and I'm stoked on topping them off with vegan sour creme and a few black olives.  Also, diced tomatoes and jalapenos would be ridiculously legit too.  Any suggestions for the next incarnation???

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  1. that is such a good picture of faint.
    you've got the right idea with the black olives and sour cream. that's my jam. also I would suggest picking up some (vegan) refried beans (yeah they make them!) and some really yummy diced green chilles. they're mild but mighty tasty. Banana peppers are also a solid bet.